Wajerjet Cutting Benefits Over Traditional Machining


High Speed Metal Fabrication can design and cut your next metalworking project. Ware are accurate, fast, and budget-conscientious.

  • Cut a wide range of materials
  • Cut materials up to 8 inches thick
  • Software controlled precision to three thousandths of an inch
  • CAD and Vector files accepted for production
  • 3D contour cutting
  • Parts can be stacked for efficiency

Quick, Efficient Steel and Alloy Welding


High Speed Metal Fabrication has many years of experience with welding common and uncommon alloys in our shop. MIG, TIG, Arc – if you need it, we can weld it.

  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Food Grade Welding
  • New Fabrication
  • Industrial Building and Repair

Computer Aided Metal Fabrication


Let us turn your fabrication ideas in to reality.

  • Solid Works (C) Certified Engineer on Site
  • Over 75 years of fabrication experience in shop
  • Top notch product from a 3D rendering or the back of an envelope
  • The right equipment for the job
  • Done right, done fast

CNC Metal Forming


2 Axis CNC, 20 Ton, Custom Tooling Metal Forming

  • Multi-Die CNC Process
  • 20 Ton Press
  • Custom Die Manufacturing
  • Air-Bending
  • Small or Large Runs
  • CNC 5 Axis Mill Work Avaliable

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