Waterjet Cutting Services

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Waterjet Cutting Services


Cut Parts 25%-200% Faster than conventional methods

Improve cut part tolerances

Virtually eliminate taper to under 1 degree

Reduce part cost

Cut a variety of materials, such as:
metal, stone, glass, composites, wood, and plastic

Cut parts using virtually any CAD file, or we can model your parts in-house

Waterjet cutting does not warp or alter the structure of the material being cut, as a laser, plasma cutter, or more traditional cutting tool sometimes does. It is also is capable of very fine and complicated shapes. Additionally, a waterjet’s precision cuts do not require sanding or grinding, and it produces no byproducts that might harm human operators or the environment — unlike laser cutting and plasma cutting. The water can also be recycled, reducing waste and cost while increasing energy efficiency.

CNC waterjet cutters can be used on almost any material, and are easily adjusted from pure water cutting to abrasive water cutting. This makes them an adaptable tool for many industries.

Build anything
Unlock your creativity
Premium design
Limitless applications
Enhanced speed
Unmatched Precision

Wide Variety of Materials

Acrylic, Plastics, Rubber, Silicone
Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium
Ceramic, Corian, Formica
Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Quartz, Slate, Stone, Tile
Composites, Kevlar, Laminates
Foam, Fiberglass Insulation
Glass, Plexiglass, Mirror, Stained Glass

Many Applications


Gaskets, Gears, Grommets, Seals

Hole Piercing (large and small)

Custom Jigs, Fixtures

Custom Parts

Industrial Equipment Repair Parts & Installation


Custom Instrument Faceplates

Knife Blanks

Floor Inlays, Medallions, Tile Cutting

Pipe Cutting

Sign Work

Signs, Logos, Plaques

Custom Lettering & Design

Architectural Signage


In-House Engineers

SolidWorks(C) and CAD/CAM

Design / Build

Efficient, Cost Effective, and Quick

Build it Better
High Speed Metal

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